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How to use an Old and Manual Lens

Use an old and manual lens for the first time can be some difficult. The correctly measure of the exposure and to make focus properly may become frustrating. I explain … Continue reading

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Lens manufacturers and Lens mounts

There are a lot of lens manufacturers that have made ​​the lens centeras throughout history. Some like Canon or Nikon still made today, but other brands have ceased to exist … Continue reading

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Example: Programming an EMF lens adapter ring

In the previous post I explained how to program an EMF lens adapter ring. The process is perhaps a bit complicated, so I’m going to explain how to program a … Continue reading

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Programming an EMF lens adapter ring

If you had acquired the EMF ring as I recommended in this post you should program it before to starting taking photos. I explain you how to do it in … Continue reading

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Choosing a lens

If you have read the previous post you know all you need to start in the old manual focus lenses. So, this is the moment to choose a lens. If … Continue reading

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Kinds of lens adapters

If you have looked for a lens adapter surely you have found different kinds of these rings. Basically, there are three kind of lens adapters. Let’s see. Lens adapter ring … Continue reading

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Where to buy lens adapters?

When you have purchased your old lens you’ll need a lens adapter to fix it into your DSLR. First of all you have to know the old lens mount. For … Continue reading

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