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Why do I use old and manual focus lenses on my DSLR?

The great advantage of current photographic lenses over old lenses is the auto focus performance (AF). Now we can take a perfectly focused photo in less than a second, which with the old analogical cameras without AF was practically impossible.

If your photography style is based on capturing moving objects the lacking of AF may make it impossible to get a decent picture. However, if the subject to be photographed is something static, things change radically.

For example, in landscape photography isn’t a trouble the lack of AF, because the subject is static and is not a problem if it needs a few seconds to make focus correctly.

And then, what do we gain by using an old manual focus lens?

There are lots of old lenses that are as good or better than current lenses, but this old lenses are much cheaper. So we can have better quality photography equipment for a lower price.

The price is only one advantage, there are more advantages. I will tell you in the next posts :)


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