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Disadvantages of old and manual focus lens

In the previous post I said some of the main strong points of the old and manual focus lenses, and I think it’s important to know the disadvantages of the use this kind of lens so if you decide adquire this kind of lens don’t be frustrate.

No autofocus
As you sure know, you’ll need some time to make focus, so some kind of photos like sports will be a very difficult work for you.

Manual diaphragm function
Not only you lose the AF function, you also lose the automatic diaphragm of your lens. You should select the correct diaphragm at the lens; because it has a dedicated ring for this use. This fact gives another problem; no automatic program is possible in the camera. You should use the Manual program or the priority exposure program. I’ll explain this in a future post.

This disadvantage in the photography users is a big advantage for the video users because they will have full control of the diaphragm when they make a video.

Ring adapter

The great majority of old lenses have mounts that are incompatible with the DSRL mounts, for this reason, you’ll need a ring adapter. Fortunately, these rings are inexpensive and easy to found.

With the years, these lenses can be attacked by fungus. They grown inside the lens and destroys the interior glasses. When you acquire and old lens you have to be sure the optics are clean of fungus. I will tell you how to know if a lens has fungus or not in a future post.

Do you know other disadvantage that I forgot? Please share it!


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