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Kinds of lens adapters

If you have looked for a lens adapter surely you have found different kinds of these rings. Basically, there are three kind of lens adapters. Let’s see.

Lens adapter ring
This is the most simply and cheaper adapter. This is only a ring with the two mounts. I don’t recomend this adapter, because for a bit more money you get a great advantages.

Lens adapter ring with AF confirm chip
This is the middle price adapter. It is the ring with the two mounts with a chip connected on it. This chip enables to the camera knows if you had focused correctly the subject. This is very useful, because with only our eyes it’s difficult to know if the element is focused correctly, specially if you are using a fast lens.

EMF lens adapter ring or EMF lens dapter with AF confirm
Both names are for the same kind of adapter. This is like the previous lens adapter but in this case you can program some information in the chip. Specifically, you can program de focal distance, the maximum aperture of the lens and use micro focus adjustments. These improvements are realy important. Fixing the maximum aperture allows to the camera know the correct exposure time and the adjust of focus enables to have a precise focus point.
This is the most expensive adapter (around 20 euros, wich isn’t a big amount of money) and the adapter that I recommend.

In a future post I’ll explain how to program this kind of lens adapters. 


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