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Lens manufacturers and Lens mounts

There are a lot of lens manufacturers that have made ​​the lens centeras throughout history. Some like Canon or Nikon still made today, but other brands have ceased to exist with the passage of time, such as Yashica.

The fact that these manufacturers have ceased activity makes it difficult to know which lenses currently exist. For this reason I will try to give you a list of the leading manufacturers and more ordinary mounts that exist. Later I will try to specify the most interesting lenses that can still be purchased at second hand markets.

These are the most important manufacturers:
Asahi Pentax
Fujinon Fujifilm
Kino Precision
Zuiko Olympus

An these are the most tipical mounts:
Canon FD bayonet mount
Canon FN bayonet mount
Contarex bayonet mount
Contax RTS bayonet mount
Fujica FX mount
Konica F
Konica K/AR
Leica M Bayonet mount
Leica R bayonet mount
Minolta MD mount
Nikon F bayonet mount
Olympus OM bayonet mount
M39 mount
M42 mount
Pentax P/K bayonet mount
Petri bayonet mount
Ricoh bayonet mount
Yashica FR/FX mount

Do you know any major manufacturer that did not put me on the list? Say it and I will add it.


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