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Where to buy old lenses?

Do you would like to start in the world of old and manual focus lenses? Then your first step is to obtain a lens, but the first problem is found somewhere to buy.

This is my favourite place to found old lenses. Ebay is full of retailers who offer lots of manual lenses and practically you can find any lens. I will explain you in other post the best way to buy in Ebay.

Photo Store
Some photo stores have a section of second hand lenses, in this case they probably have old lenses. Usually this is the most expensive way to buy these lenses but you can have some guarantee wich is quite interesting.

Second hand store
There are lots of second hand store where there have some old lenses. Sometimes these lenses don’t work properly but you also can have some luck and found a jem for a very low price.

Friends or family
Maybe you have a friend or familiar who has and old photo equipment forgotten in some place. Surely you can give another try to this equipment.

Do you know other place or way to found old lenses? I will be happy to know how!


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